Feature-Rick Chatbot Platform

At 360 Apps Developers LLC, we develop an exceptionally integrated and super intelligent Chatbot platform for businesses. No matter which industry you belong to, you can have this human-like assistance to increase the efficiency of your performance and expand your growth.

Natural Human Language

You can change the language with which you want your bot to interact.

Multilingual Capabilities

It is not necessary to stick to just one ability. Instead, you can avail multilingual capabilities to stir further effectiveness.

24/7 Support

Unlike human support departments, you do not have to worry about any break or pause. The bots work round the clock tirelessly.

Pre-Built Templates

Every bit of functionality and feature is automated and well-organized.

Multi Integrations

You can avail more than one integration to platforms.

Chatbots & Its Exceptional Digital Assistance

With our highly equipped teams, we built engaging and progressive Chatbot apps for our users.
Each app is capable of performing multiple functionalities.

Call Centers

Reduce Average Call Time With Deduced Replies
  • Gives Appropriate Responses without Any Delays.
  • Real-Time Query Solver
  • Billing Assistant
  • Multilingual Communication
  • Context-Driven Replies


Automate chats to Reduce Costs & Enhance Efficiency
  • Covers Every Single Field To Increase Customer Engagements
  • IT Ticketing Bot
  • Post-Sales Assistant Bot
  • Sales Assistant Bot
  • Enquiry Bot
  • Social CRM


Immediate Symptom Diagnosis & Remedial Advice
  • Instant Diagnoses Of Issues And Prescription Of Appropriate Dosages
  • Doctor Appointment Bookings
  • Emergency Response Assistant
  • Home Remedy Suggestions
  • Symptom Diagnosis
  • Child/Elderly Health


Heighten Engagement & Reader Engagement
  • Produce Posts To Increase User Engagements
  • Ticket Booking
  • Personalized News Feeds
  • Media Search Bot
  • Sport, Theatre, Event


Reduce Manual Errors & Costs For Service Delivery
  • Provide Error-Free Calculation And Instant Reporting
  • Stock Market Movement
  • Legal Assistance Bot
  • Automatic Bank Balance Tellers
  • Personal Finance Bot

Hospitality & Travel

Simplify Travel Planning & Live Info Seeking
  • Real-Time Booking To Simplifies Travel Planning
  • Reservation Managers
  • Personal Travel Assistants
  • Flight Data Teller
  • City Tour Guides
  • Taxi Booking Bots


Quicken Conversions & Improve Customer Service
  • Accelerate Conversions And Ensures Better Customers Support
  • Personal Shopping Assistant
  • Personalized Product Suggestions
  • Price Alert Bots
  • FAQs/Returns/Deliveries Tracking
  • Upselling & Cross-Selling


Reduce Manual Effort & Maximize Productivity
  • Assists In Streamlining The Development Projects And Operations
  • Timely Update
  • Scheduling Of Task
  • Efficient Evaluation
  • Personalized Product Suggestions

Chatbots Platforms- Powered With
Unbeatable Technology

The two foremost components that contribute to the efficiency of chatbots are machine learning and AI.
Machine Learning

We integrate a highly advanced machine-learning component to power-up our platforms.

Personalized Content Feed

Catering businesses with a personalized approach to manage their customer dealings, we facilitate each brand with exactly the technology it requires.

Intelligent Suggestions

To strengthen your clientele, you simply need to incorporate Chatbots in your customer support department to witness its positive impact.

Message Facility

With Chatbots operating in your servers, you do not have to worry about the hassle of responding to every query yourself.
& Tiles

Chatbots not only respond through text but can show cards, images, and titles to engage the visitor.


Chatbots behave and think much like humans and they try every technique to clarify the confusion of the target customers.


You can add buttons to make different shortcuts.

No App or
Web Access

You do not have to rely on the two commonly used mediums—web and app—when it's about Chatbots. It can be deployed as an in-built feature.


Chatbots have the ability to get optimized and updated as per the software or platforms' needs. You can enjoy effectiveness after every interval.


You can add greater efficiency by setting up the time when your chatbot needs to step up to take over the conversation.

Ensure To Provide
Highly Flexible Interface

Chatbots have the great ability to provide the most flexible services to the users. No matter to which industry you belong, you can make it work with equal efficiency.

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