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Extensive Personalization

Develop news and weather apps that are highly customizable to cater to individual user preferences and improve usability.

Real-time Updates

Build features to offer real-time weather updates, live news streaming, and other instant access capabilities as well as smart viewing.

Cross-Platform Capable

Offering iOS, hybrid, and Android news and weather app development catering to all the main application platforms around.

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Some Of Our Recent Projects

Live Weather/News Updates

All our weather apps provide users with live weather updates 24/7 that are either taken from Google or other trusted weather and news related information providers.

All apps offer users information on current and expected conditions related to weather, media, politics, and any other topic of known relevance.

Real-Time Alerts

The app sends users real-time alerts relating to news and weather updates including alerts relating to weather hazards, political upheaval, local safety risks, and so on.

The app also provides push notification features for such emergency updates so that users may receive them at relevant times so that the same can be useful by way of safety.

Easy Navigation Interface

Our dual navigation interfaces allow users access to news alerts and updates as well as to weather related information or any other relevant data with ease.

Minor alterations such as font and icon size can be adjusted to cater to the varying visual abilities of users. Apart from this a user-friendly layout makes using the app extremely simple.


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