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Property Information

Build and introduce features that allow for the sharing of in-depth and detailed information on available property options.

Real-Time Messaging

Communicate with buyers, home owners, fellow realtors, and other relevant individuals via real-time messaging features.

Featured Listings

Customize real estate listing options according to preferences by using advanced listing filter features and options.

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Some Of Our Recent Projects

Real-Time Property Listings

Our real estate apps have features that allow both one time home sellers and realtors to upload properties for sale or rent onto live listing menus which can be accessed by other app users.

Property listings can contain images as well as videos of existing property options as well as relevant details and property specifics. Property listings are updated every few minutes so that properties that have been sold are promptly taken off the menu.

Direct Messaging and Inbox Features

Real-time direct messaging features allow interested parties to directly connect with realtors and individuals with homes or properties on the market for sale and rent.

Direct messages are sent to a receiver’s inbox and can be responded to personally or by using some of the provided quick response options. Direct messaging features may also be used to bid on properties or to make temporary property reservations.

Extensive Search Filtering

Users can filter searches based on a selection of different parameters as well as combinations of more than one. Filter factors include home location, price of property, property type, age of property and more.

Filters also include details like if the property in question is a rental or one for sale as well as whether the same is a home or a commercial building.


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