About Veego

The Veego application will enable the users with certain preferences to find restaurants that are more suited to their particular eating requirements of Veego food. It will allow vegetarians to find the restaurants that serve the best food according to your preference.

The app allows people to save their time and find a restaurant without any hassle. The app will also enable users to check other’s preferences of restaurants in the same location.

Veego Features For Users (Customer, Restaurant)

  • Reviews
  • Location
  • My Following
  • Sign Up/Sign In
  • Over-All Rating
  • Restaurant Details
  • List of Restaurants
  • Give Rating & Reviews
  • Google Restaurants API Integration
  • Search Restaurants / Resorts / Markets
  • Filter Restaurants by Categories
  • Login with Social Media Restaurant Detailed Screen

Search Restaurants / Resorts / Markets

This option will allow the users to search the Restaurants with the entered location. The search engine will search restaurant within the range of 10 miles.

Filter Restaurants by Categories

In this section, the users will have several check boxes for restaurants types and tags to do a customized search relevant to their choice. The users may remove check boxes or reset search filters to get back to previous list of restaurants.

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